VDR APT Survey

         Alcortech is able to provide APT (Annual Performance Test) on Major VDR brands systems. Voyage Data
Recorder (VDR) is also known as the blackbox on the vessel, it plays an important role in the analysis of any
accidents or near miss incidents hence it is vital that they are always in working order and able to record the
mandatory data.
         In order to perform VDR APT , technicians must go through training and also required to be certified by the
manufacturer which consist of the new requirements defined in MSC.333(90) and IMO Regulations Circ 1222
framework for VDR.
         For quality control, all VDR survey reports are reviewed internally before they are send to our client and
manufacturer for issuing of Certificate of Compliance (COC)
         Alcortech is able to perform VDR survey for the following VDR manufacturers.

  • AMI
  • Beijing Highlander
  • Danelec
  • Interschalt AVECS
  • JRC
  • Samsung
  • Netwave